Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Review | The Body Shop Aloe Gentle + Honeymania Body Scrub

If you have been here for a while you know that my thing are shower and bath related products. And there are two or three brands whose products are just heaven. One of them is The Body Shop. Recently I've bought this three products and I have been loving them ever since.

The Aloe Gentle Face Wash and Exfoliator are awesome! I really like them. They are indeed very gentle, and the exfoliator grains and very fine, finer than what I am used to. I usually like more abrasion because I feel it works better,  but I actually think this is better for my skin, more gentle, specially since I use it on a daily basis. The Facial Wash, it looks liquid but when you pump it out it magically transforms into a soft, smooth foam. They don't have any smell, which I like. I usually use them, together, in the shower, with warm water and this make my face feel really clean but not dry at all. 
The other pot you see in this picture is the HONEYMANIA Cream Body Scrub. I've always loved Body Shop's body scrubs and I think this one is my favorite. It has a very creamy texture, as befits his name. It is abrasive but at the same time it's very moisturizing, and after using it my skin feels super soft and smooth. I love the smell, It is just divine. It doesn't have that very sweet, straight up honey smell, and to me it smells a bit like flowers. There is obviously an undercurrent of honey but it's not going to slap you in the face. I also use it to scrub my lips, and it work wonders.. And I don't feel conscious about putting it near my mouth since I know it's a natural product. I have done this with other body-scrubs, and they usually taste soapy or just bad. This one tastes salty, which makes me wonder if the grains aren't actually some sort of salt. 


  1. Tenho que exprimentar esse exfoliante, falas tão bem dele que até dá vontade de o ir já comprar! eheh
    Um beijinho grande, linda! :)

  2. Interesting beauty products.We keep in touch. xx

  3. Nunca experimentei esses produtos mas, pela tua opinião, parecerem muito bons! :)


    Sofia Silva, Beijos*

  4. Adoro tudo o que seja Body Shop *.*
    Mas estes produtos ainda não usei, por acaso.

    um beijinho*
    Dreams and Lemonade

  5. I do like The Body Shop, and even though their products are high quality and fantastic, I have to admit that their prices are a bit of my range to spent all the time. I got very interested in that of HONEYMANIA, since honey itself as high healing proprieties. Great review, an enjoyable reading like always.

    ~ Carla'C

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  6. Quero imenso experimentar uma dessas manteigas da The Body Shop :D

    The eyes of a Mermaid
    Participa no sorteio! :)

  7. Adoooro a The Body Shop! Esta loja é uma perdição! Não conheço estes produtos em concreto mas fiquei super curiosa para os testar. Apetece levar tudo para casa nesta loja:)

  8. Também gosto dos produtos deles. Especialmente os de Tea Tree :)

  9. Gosto tanto dos produtos da the body shop!

  10. These products sound amazing! xx


  11. Muito obrigada querida <3

    Um beijinho,

  12. I love The Body Shop, I must try the face wash!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  13. Estou mesmo a precisar de um esfoliante, talvez experimente esse.

    Um grande beijinho,

    Sorvete de Framboesa
    @Sorvete de Framboesa Facebook

  14. I always love products that contain Aloa...it is one of nature's best kept secrets! Lovely review.


  15. Gostei da review. Fiquei com vontade de experimentar o exfoliante!

    Beijinhos ♥

  16. tenho ideia que já tive uma amostra dessa linha de aloé, mas prefiro a de vitamina E... quando à Honeymania, cheira super bem, mas eu só uso exfoliantes se forem também para limpar, se não é trabalho extra =P



  17. R: Vou tentar seguir cada detalhe :)

  18. great products! http://www.alovelystyle.com/

  19. Ainda não testei a linha de esfoliantes da marca mas fiquei curiosa com a tua opinião e talvez experimente um com outro aroma :)

  20. Gostei imenso da tua review. Produtos da Body shop é aquela coisa, adoro!


  21. Já experimentei a linha honeymania e gostei, não é das minhas favoritas porque prefiro aromas mais frescos. Quanto aos produtos faciais, costumo utilizar a linha tea tree mas fiquei curiosa, vou comprar para testar :-)


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