Monday, February 18, 2019

EAT | Dear Breakfast, Lisbon

Ok, I’ll admit. I’m into brunches. I absolutely love breakfast food and I to able to have - a lot of it — for lunch and not be judged it’s awesome. Eggs, Croissants, Cheese, Jam and Butter, all together, that’s my jam.

This time, my love for brunch took me to this lovely coffee in São Bento — Dear Breakfast.

Dear Breakfast has been on my list forever. It’s one of the first Brunch places I’ve hear about. And people talk really good about their eggs Benedict and their pancakes! I was drying to try it and last weekend I finally had the opportunity to visit it.

Dear Breakfast is small, like many of these trendy bunch places, but it didn’t had a 45 min line at the door -- They sat us down right away. Their menu is filled with all these different amazing things, but to keep it simple they only have one brunch menu that is designed to make you drunkenly roll out of your table. Yes, drunkenly. Because this menu includes three drinks that can be plain old orange juice, a Bloody Mary or -- my favorite -- a sparkly Mimosa. Trust me you can get DRUNK at 11 AM. And yes, it's awesome! If you follow my IG you may have seen some drunken stories. The menu also comes with a yummy french flaky croissant, perfectly toasted bread and they also give you a little dish of butter and jam for you to put eat as much as you want. The brunch menu gives you the option to chose between eggs or pancakes, but being the fat-ass I am, I asked for both and just payed the pancakes separately. I had their famous eggs Benedict and their sweet pancakes, with chocolate and fruit.

The croissant, the toast, the butter and the jam, where good. But you know, it's
bread. It feels you up so much. But the eggs. THE EGGS WERE AMAZING. They were perfectly poached, laid on top of some nice yummy crispy bacon, and covered with the most delicious zingy hollandaise sauce. I could go trough life only eating these eggs, really. They were so good. I asked for a cappuccino -- that was yummy, but all cappuccinos are yummy. And I had the three mimosas that I was entitled for. At the end we asked for the pancakes and that took a while to come, but since we had booze, we were fine. And it was so worth the wait. The pancakes were light but tall and fluffy, and they were covered with a rich dark chocolate that was so tasty and that just went perfectly with the sweetness of the fruits. Just perfect. My mouth is watering just from thinking about them. 

This was not not a cheap brunch -- well, but to be fair when is Brunch cheap? In fact, you could eat a full meal in a good restaurant with the money we paid, but it's worth it. You will be full, and drunk, that's for sure. And if you can splurge, do it. Do it once in a while. Go to one of these instagramable places and have cool yummy food. It makes you feel like a million bucks.


  1. Tenho de ir experimentar os ovos dos quais tanto falas babe!


  2. Oh YUM! That food looks incredible. I love going out for a nice brunch or breakfast.

  3. Tem tudo um ótimo aspeto.

  4. Aiii tão bom!! Também quero! Posso teletransportar-me? ahah

  5. r: Estou na área de mobilidade e transportes querida. Vamos ver como corre!

  6. Que restaurante delicioso, adorei conhecer.

    Um beijo,

  7. Que aspeto maravilhoso, fez crescer água na boca! ;)

  8. Não sei se sabes mas eu ADORO comida de pequeno-almoço por isso esse restaurante está mesmo na minha lista para quando for a Lisboa :D

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  9. I skip breackfast very often also because I like having brunch. The goodies you showed us are some of my favourite too even if I hadn't tried yet Dear Breackfast ;)
    Thank you very much for the visit and for following my blog, it is a real pleasure for me to follow your blog too because it is very well written and has many interesting posts and subjects.
    See you soon again!

  10. Estou contigo, adoro um bom brunch e com esse já me deixaste a babar! :)
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  11. Tem tudo um aspecto delicioso! 😄
    Agora ficou a apetecer-me uma dessas panquecas...

  12. Obrigado, linda :D

    aiii +.+ vou para Lisboa na quinta e só acho que me estás a dar excelente ideias!

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  13. Dead set: can we have our meet up there?! :D
    I'm drooling over here!

  14. So yummy!)))

  15. a panqueca parece deliciosaaa!

  16. Yum!It was a big pleasure to read and look at your pictures :-)


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