Monday, February 4, 2019

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2019

Did you see this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show? Omg, It was dreadful. It lacked soul and passion! It was just dull.. plain old boring. I was so disappointed. I love Maroon 5, and Adam Lavine is one of my top 5 celebrity crushes, but his performance was so underwhelming. Even the line up they chose to perform was not that special.

The show it's self just failed to impress. There was no awesome light effects or people flying through the air, the dynamic between Maroon 5 and Big Boi and Travis Scoot was flat, there were no connection between Adam and the audience... It was so bad. I think this was the worst half-time show of the last years. 
They have done so well before -- remember when they did the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2015? That was so amazing. So energetic, so charismatic. What happen Adam, WHAT HAPPEN?

The only great moment of the show, was when Adam was singing Moves like Jagger, and right after that part where he says 'I swear I'll behave', he takes off his shirt. That was good. But Adam's abs weren't enough to save the show. Oh, and don't get me started on the Sponge Bob thing! I mean, the main attractions of Maroon 5’s concert were characters not on stage, and not even in the stadium. I love Sponge Bob but it didn't make any sense. I feel like they were trying to add a whimsical character to the show to make it somehow memorable -- remember left shark from Katy Perry's 2015 half time show? Last summer, when I saw her live, SHE HAD A THE LEFT-SHARK ON STAGE! No one is ever forgetting that one.


  1. Este foi o primeiro ano em que não vi e pelos vistos fiz bem né?


  2. The whole superbowl was a joke. Everyone was acting like if they do good, they'll end up eating McDonalds at the White House.

  3. Não acompanhei, mas já percebi que não perdi muito :/

  4. I didnt watch it but I read about it and actually I think you're so right!

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  5. Por acaso é algo que não costumo ver.

  6. Não sou uma apaixonada como tu mas também gosto de algumas músicas, beijinho

  7. Já ouvi dizer que não foi o melhor concerto de sempre, mas ainda não vi :/

  8. Não acompanho :)

    R: concordo contigo, algumas coisas da Primark nâo tem qualidade absolutamente nenhuma. Jurei que não compro mais t-shirts nem tops lá que passado nem 4 utilizações já é só buracos! Mas há outras coisas que são boas e duram imenso tempo :)

  9. I didn't watch it myself but I haven't heard good things about the show. What a shame!

  10. são mesmooo :)

    por acaso nunca vi :P

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  11. AIIII, ADAM LEVINE, meu marido principal!!! ainda não vi o show tho ahahah


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