Monday, November 23, 2015

Braces | Spacers

Sooooo.. today I went and get my spacers putted in.

What are spacers? Well I thought it would be something weird but actually they are just some rubber bands that they put in between two teeth a few days before they install the actual braces. 
They literally shoved a rubber band -- like the ones people use in their braces -- between my teeth. The idea is to create space where the fixating part of the braces will hold on to my mouth.

To do this, they just stretch out the rubber band and use it like floss -- just push them in between the teeth. They added one between my last tooth and the next one, and between that one and the proceeding. So my "second" tooth is in a sandwich of rubber bands, lets say. See the picture, you'll understand. And of curse they did this to both sides of my mouth -- right and left -- but only on the top. 

Does it hurt? No, not really. To put them in, it's was actually easy. I was expecting it to be hard, since -- i thought -- my teeth are very close together. But no. It was easy. I felt like the right side was easier, because she pushed way harder on the left side. But no pain at all.

I did this at 8am and at the beginning it wasn't hurting at all nor being uncomfortable. It actually felt kinda nice because when I close my mouth I feel something bouncy, almost like chewing gum, and it was a cool feeling. 
But after a while it becomes a bit annoying.You know when you have food between your teeth and it gets super annoying? That's the feeling. 
Lunch was okay, I din't had any problems eating. But the doctor told me not to eat anything sticky so that the rubber bands won't come off. And now -- it's around 6.30pm -- I feel like my jaw is a bit sore -- but nothing to bad. 

On Wednesday morning I'll be getting my braces, and i'll tell you all about it! I don't know if you are actually interested in following my journey, but I think it's so much fun to keep a journal about it. 


  1. É que consegue mesmo ser pior que um miudo de 4 anos.

  2. Felizmente, nunca precisei de nada dessas coisas xD mas sempre que vou ao dentista é uma dor de cabeça
    r: em Londres disseram-me que era caro, mas pensei que em Portugal não ficasse tão fora de conta, por isso é que guardei a minha primeira experiência na Starbucks para quando abrir no Porto xD

  3. Olá :) Felizmente não tive de usar nada disso :) Já bastou o aparelho em si...

  4. R: Não, era uma exposição mesmo sobre a base das casas: betão, casas pré fabricadas, sistema de luz e água para as casas, tudo isso.

  5. Uns dias antes de a dentista mos por, vi na net uma foto que parecia uma verdadeira que te arrancava os dentes todos de dentro para fora.
    É escusado dizer que fiquei bastante aliviada quando ela me pôs os elásticos :D


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