Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christmas Giveaway | Choose your own presents!

I know what you're thinking ---  "Christmas giveaway, is't it too soon for that?!"

Well yeah, but this time we are going to make thinks a bit different. This is going to be a very big giveaway, and I was having some trouble choosing what to give you, because I feel that you are all so different and unique. So I decided that you should chose what you want me to give away! :D

Every Wednesday i'll be on my facebook 4 pictures of possible presents. And you guys have to vote on the one you prefer! By the following Wednesday, the picture with more likes will be one of your gifts, and on that day i'll post 4 more for you to vote! This will happen 5 times, every time you'll have different presents to choose from! The pictures for this week are already up, so go take a look!

Beside the 5 "chose me" presents, the person who wins the Christmas Giveaway will also receive some surprises! I don't have a date for when the actual giveaway is going to happen, but you'll know when I know!

I hope you enjoy this little game, I'm just doing this to have some fun you guys, and I'm so excited to see what are you going to pick! I also hope you'll like the stuff I've chosen.



  1. Eu ainda não cheguei a esse ponto :) Com a medicação espero melhorar tbm :)

  2. lovely idea...I don't have facebook but is such a cute idea to exchange ideas for Christamas.

  3. Cedo para falar de Natal? No final de Novembro? Nuncaaaa! :P

  4. Adoro a ideia :DDD
    No final de Novembro não é tarde para falar no Natal, especialmente tendo em conta que algumas lojas já tem material natalício desde o fim de Outubro ...

  5. Muito legal a ideia!!! e eu amo o natal!!!

  6. Ai pá, isto faz-me lembrar que estamos mesmo, MESMO, quase no Natal :o o tempo voa e isso mete-me medo! Qualquer dia acordo e assusto-me porque me olho ao espelho e já tenho 60 anos e nem dei por isso :p


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