Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Week #10 | My month

Hello!  How are you all?
It has been almost a month -- yep a month -- since I've shown you one of my weeks. But the truth is I have been super super super busy at work, and I haven't had time for any fun activities. I din't even make anything special for Halloween :(
But I today I am going to show you some of the stuff I've done in -- the past month!

Let's start with breakfast. Bread here is awesome here. And I have been eating toast with cheese or ham in the morning. I can't find my favorite cereals here in Portugal. And since I am going to be here for the next couple of months, I had to find out something else wonderful to eat. So I have been eating Corn-Bread for breakfast. Yumms! And Chocolate milk. I work right next to a Starbucks now -- I can see it from my window. So I prefer having Starbucks to home-made coffee -- Who doesn't love Starbucks?!

For the fist time in my life I've tried KFC. I was reluctant to trying it out. You know I am a bit peaky with food, specially meat. But this is just fried chicken, so my friends convinced me and I gave it a try. We ordered a Bucket of Chicken Tenders, and I really liked it. It is waaaaay better than chicken nuggets --  if you could ever compare them -- nuggets are like completely processed food. But this chicken tenders are actually pieces of chicken breast, super moist and super yummy. It also came with grilled corn on the cob! That was also super good!

Also, Youzz sent me a tooth-past to try. It actually came in a good time, because I've been going to the dentist and doing some treatments. And this is actually useful to me! I will be posting my review really really soon! 

You don't know what Youzz is? It is a website that you sign up and you get to try all different products and review them. It is great if you have a blog your a facebook page because you can share your opinion on those platforms. If you decide to sign up, please use my link or please put my code (Codigo de Convite: oHGX86mU5N) we'll both get points from doing this and points are important for us to get select to try out new (and free) stuff!

I also bought a mattifying nail polish. You know how matte nails are so trendy right now? I don't want to buy a tone of matte nail polishes just to try them out. So I bought from KIKO the 3in1 Mat Top Coat. Maybe i'll make a post about it. It is pretty cool. It makes any nail-polish matte. And I think it looks great on red nail polish. So far is my favorite combination. What do you think? Please excuse my lack of perfection when painting my nails.

And to finish --  CHRISMAS IS COMING! Christmas is my favorite season/celebration of the year. And I'll be doing a gigantic Christmas Gieaway :D That will include candy, of course!

This is all that I had to show you! I wish you all a great week :)


  1. E gostas-te? :) De andar de balão

  2. Espero um dia tbm poder andar :P
    Quanto às botas, no escritório onde trabalho não tenho esse problema, e as botas rasas são as únicas que aguento :/ até porque são as mais práticas para visitar obras e afins :P

  3. Acho que já sei o que é :)
    Este ano vai ser dificil encontrar umas botas decentes. Já vi de tudo.

  4. Eu adoro as asinhas de frango do KFC. Só de pensar...
    Boa semana!

  5. Nunca comi no KFC. Essa última foto é mesmo uma tentação :D

    r: À vontade :) muito obrigada*

  6. Essa última parte é mesmo a minha preferida desta altura! :) A carrada de chocolatinhos com que os supermercados se enchem, nhaaaami. :P


  7. Aii, também mandaram-me essa pasta de dentes! Quase que ia vomitando quando experimentei xDD


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