Wednesday, August 15, 2018

EAT | Rubro, Lisbon

Food with a friend is always a great idea. And if there’s something where I honestly don’t mind spending my money is on good restaurants. Having that, I am always looking for cool, tasteful places to eat.

Rubro is a nice cozy restaurant well know got their aged chuletón. Let’s all that aged beef is definitely the biggest trend in meat right now, there’s no how to avoid it. This restaurant has two location in the city, on in Campo Pequeno and another one near Av. da Liberdade. Be careful when booking — make sure you call the right restaurante. We made that mistake, but fortunately they were super nice about it.

-- I know the picture isn't the best, the lighting was shit, but you get the idea, right? --

We went on a week nigh — it was a Wednesday — and it was almost full. We had the chuletón of course, and let’s just say that we were not disappointed. The serving is for two, but it definitely serves more. The meet was cooked to a perfect medium-rare, just the way I like it. And The contrast of textures between the charred outside and the soft and warm inside was amazing. It was my first time having chuletón and I was impressed on how the same piece of meet can have so many textures and different flavors... the meet around the bone was sweeter, with a more intense flavor, than the rest of that gigantic piece of meet. We had a nice bottle of wine and baked potatoes as a side dish... I was craving sweet-potato fries but unfortunately they don’t have on the menu.

I got the feeling that this is a good place to go with a group of friends. The portions are big and ideal for sharing. And really perfect for a date. The dimmed lights make it cozy and romantic. And the good wine makes for an excellent ice breaker.


  1. Nunca visitei, mas parece fantástico!

  2. Já tinha ouvido falar muito bem disto, mas ainda não experimentei!
    Fiquei (ainda mais) com vontade de ir lá eheh

  3. Fiquei com agua na boca depois de ver essas fotos, tenho que experimentar.

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  4. wow, parece one nice piece of meat! 8)

  5. obrigado :D

    ai nossa que bom aspeto :o

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