Wednesday, August 29, 2018

REVIEW | LUSH Enzymion Facial Moisturizer

You know how when you go to Lush and they always offer you a sample of a product you want?
Well, on one of these occasions I asked for a a sample of a face moisturizer. The girl there asked me a few questions about my skin -- I told her that I have oily t-zone and usually some dry patches. And gave me a sample of their Enzymion Facial Moisturizer. I tried and used every drop of that sample. I loved it so much that I had to go back and buy the full pot.

This product is just awesomeness in a black pot. It's a really gentle face cream, that replenishes moisture without oiliness, while living a matte finish. It's really light and fluid, with almost watery texture which is great if you -- like me -- don't like to feel that sticky feeling that some moisturizers leave. 
It has a very fresh, clean smell, because in every pot cont a whole fresh lemon, some papaya, light oils and cocoa butter. The Fresh fruit contains enzymes and and alpha hydrozyc acid that helps remove dead skin cell and makes your skin looks bright while controlling the oiliness.

Because of how fluid this is, it's absorbed very fast and it it sits well under make-up. It easily doubles as an primer with how matte the finish is. This product is target for people with oily skin, however it works perfectly on my combination skin. 

It is a pricey item -- this little pot costs 22€ if I'm not mistaken. I know the pot looks really small but with this product a little really goes a long way... just a really small amount is enough for your entire face and neck. AND... this pot pancaking allows you to use every last drop of the product. 

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  1. r: preciso mesmo de coragem para tratar disto.

  2. Confesso que nunca experimentei nada da marca pois não existe uma loja perto de mim, mas estou morta por experimentar algumas máscaras de rosto e champô sólidos.

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  3. Onde é que compraste? Apetecia-me experimentar essa marca!

  4. as coisas da Lush são maravilhosas, mas são caras e eles precisam MESMO de voltar a descentralizar as lojas =P


  5. r: sinto-me em sofrimento por causa do relatório.

  6. OOi, ainda não conhecia a Lush, e fiquei curiosa pra experimentar o produto. Adorei a dica.
    Beijos boa semana

  7. Nunca usei nada da Lush, mas sempre vejo as pessoas falando coisas ótimas sobre os produtos.
    Esse deve ser muito bom também! :)

  8. Great product review.

  9. Engraçado que só os associava a sabonetes. :)

  10. Nunca experimentei mas tenho de o fazer! :)

  11. adorava experimentar esta marca, o feedback é muito positivo :)


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