Wednesday, December 5, 2018

REVIEW | Bio-Oil

Ever since I've started going to the gym more often I am much more concerned about giving my skin everything it needs to accompany the rest of my body while getting in shape.
I know I'm pron to get stretch-marks. I've had stretch-marks on my hips and butt since I was about 12. And because of that I decided to bring back an old friend that, honesty, I've missed a lot -- Bio-oil.  
This is not the first time you hear me talk about his product, and I bet it definitely wont be the last. I wrote a post telling how great it is in 2015 ...Way before everybody starting to talk about it, and before everyone went crazy about it. And my opinion remains the same! But let me remind me of what it is and what it does.

Bio-oil is well known for being a wonder product against stretch marks, scars and other skin marks that we all have and hate.  As I said, I deal with a lot of stretch-marks on my hips / butt. And I know what they are not going away -- it is impossible to get completely rid of stretch marks, BUT this product really helps in preventing new ones from forming and it helps reduce the appearance of the existing ones.

Bio-Oil it's what we call a dry-oil. This just means that it at first it feels like an oil, but after you rub it in it is quickly absorbed without leaving any trace of residue -- it leaves you skin looking silky and smooth. It's very smooth and lightweight, and it smells really nice.

Personally I've never had any problems but be aware that this is an oil and it may stain your clothes, so be careful when applying it and handling it.
I've had it in my gym bag and I always apply it after showering and after applying my Vaseline Spray Body Lotion, and this combination leaves my skin feeling nurtured, smooth and amazing.

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  1. Adoro o BioOil!

  2. Já ouvi falar maravilhas deste produto!
    Tem uma ótima semana, beijinhos.

  3. Sounds like a great oil

    followed you back

  4. Well... it is I, the black sheep... Bio-Oil is not working for me. :(
    But well, every skin is different and I don not ill-advice against it... I'm just sad, 'cause I had such huge expectations.

  5. Comprei mal descobri que estava grávida e é o que tenho usado desde o início para prevenir as estrias. Com a chegada do terceiro trimestre achei melhor comprar mais um creme para complementar e, verdade seja dita, nada de estrias até agora!

  6. Já ouvi maravilhas mas também já ouvi coisas menos boas... Tenho que testar! Beijinhos*

  7. Por acaso não sou grande fã deste óleo. Já tive um frasquinho e Não gostei muito da experiência infelizmente...


  8. I have heard a lot of good things about Bio-oil. Will absolutely have to try this!

    The Flower Duet

  9. Desconhecia este produto!
    Espero por ti em:

  10. Eu gosto imenso desse produto.
    Beijinhos :)

  11. Tenho imensa curiosidade em experimentar este produto.
    Um beijinho,

  12. I've heard about this oil a lot, so i need
    to try it because everyone says it works pretty well :D
    thank you for your review ^^ kisses!!

    My blog - Lalabetterdayz

  13. já ouvi falar muito bem desse óleo mas nunca usei.
    Beijinhos/ A Filha

  14. Já há muito tempo que ando para experimentar este produtinho! :)

  15. Também adoro esse óleo!
    Por acaso já não o uso a algum tempo, mas já sinto falta!

    In Beautyland

  16. Já tenho ouvido falar... mas confesso que ainda não experimentei...
    Talvez um dia destes, quem sabe?...

  17. Já tive um bio-oil, na altura do grande hype, comprei com umas amigas porque estávamos todas muito curiosas e a verdade é que todas gostámos... Se atenua as marcas de estrias não sei dizer porque já nem ligo às minhas, mas que é super agradável e deixa a pele um mimo, isso posso dizer ^_^
    Beijocas grandes****


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