Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Today's lunch was different | Tips & Tricks

Hello y'all!!

Today I just want to share with you what I did today for lunch! I want to share this tip because I know some of you are starting college and I think this is a super nice thing that you can do in your own lunch hour!

So,... You know I don't really like meat right? -- Check out this post if you want to know more about it!
So when I have to eat out I always have a problem. And if it's something like a quick lunch, between classes or you know between work, usually it is is a problem for me. Usually I eat at my office's canteen. They usually have a vegetarian dish. But they make it in very small quantities. Usually it's enough. But today veggie the lunch was something that everybody loves -- quiche! YUUMS! Yeah but when I got there, there was not even one tiny bit left.! And the alternative was meat with more meat... So I decided to make it a positive experience and go eat in the park!

Me, and another girl from work, we decided that it would be fun to go eat in Eduardo VII Park, which if you don't know it's like Lisbon's central park -- a bit smaller, but same concept lol.

We stopped by El Corte Ingles' supermarket and bought nice things to eat -- from the ready to eat section. I bought a sandwich, some chips and water. And she bought a tuna salad and some cheese. I know this is not a very healthy lunch -- but I prefer it over having some gigantic chunk of meat. And I also know this is not vegetarian, but again I don't eat meat because I don't like the taste. And I like the taste of this sandwich. And this "bacon" is not bacon -- it's actually ham.

We sat down by the lake and we ate there.

I used to do this A-LOT when I was in collage. I've graduated kinda recently but it I haven't done this in a while... I would go to the nearest supermarket and buy something to eat and i would eat it in the park. Some supermarkets -- like PingoDoce-- they have actually food that they sell -- like take away. And if you ask they will warm it up in a microwave and give you a plastic fork and knife, and you can just take it and go it anywhere!

This is a great way not only to save some money but to escape the gigantic chaos that usually canteens and small restaurants have during lunch hours. And eating in the park is just a nice way to kinda relax a bit, and restore some energy to be able to deal with the rest of the day!

And look at this water bottle! Isn't it awesome! I didn't trow it away, and I think I am going to re-use it every day with regular tap water! It has such a vibrant color! 


  1. Uauuu! Super cool lunch! Looks simple but delicious!

  2. Super fun idea! :)

  3. Acho que é generalizado no nosso país que comer carne é que é. Eu pessoalmente não como carne de porco, por nenhuma razão ideológica ou religiosa, simplesmente não gosto, e carne de vaca também não é algo que adore. É sim, sinto muita dificuldade por vezes em escolher algo para comer porque na maioria dos locais não há opção. Mas felizmente começam a surgir alternativas.
    A ideia de comer no parque é simplesmente um pontapé na rotina delicioso!

  4. Lindas fotos e a garrafa de vidro é realmente linda, e eu perfeitamente a reutilizaria...
    Beijos e beijos


  5. Adoro esse sítio e esse restaurante da ultima foto também é muito bom!

  6. A ultima foto está muito boa :) É um local bonito.

  7. p.s: Tenho de experimentar porque parece bom e fica mais em conta :)

  8. Aí está uma boa ideia para um almoço diferente :)

    R: Tens toda a razão! Vou aplicar-me mais sim :)

  9. Admito que sou super adepta destes almoços rápidos. Agarrar/Comprar uma sandes e já está. x

  10. de facto guarda a garrafa, é sempre util :)

  11. que belo aspecto que tem a sandes :p
    e que sítio giro :)

  12. Que ótima ideia para um almoço :)
    P.S.: Quando fui a Madrid também comprei água que vinha numa dessas garrafas!

  13. adorei as fotos, a garrafa azul é mesmo gira :D

  14. Duas amigas minhas foram para Espanha de férias este Verão e também andam com garrafinhas dessas, que reutilizam! A azul é gira mas gosto ainda mais da cor-de-rosa :)


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