Thursday, July 30, 2015

Having a bad day

I love music -- all genders -- as long as I can identify with it and the feeling it conveys!
Today I am having such a bad day -- I have a ton of problems at work and I need to do something that seems completely impossible, and my boss is being an ass with me! I swear to god I am trying to finish this on time -- I cant even sleep thinking about solutions to this problem -- I keep dreaming about it and waking up super anxious about it! Growing up sucks!
Anyway -- this song just poped in my head and I have been singing it since yesterday night -- I have no idea why my brain remembered this song now!

I haven't hear Paramore in ages -- every since they did a song for twilight or whatever that I kinda lost interest in them -- this was what? 7 or 8 years ago?

Anyway -- I need to take this song out of my head! Can anyone suggest me a cool "happy" song?! 


  1. Where's some eye-candy for you:


  2. Uma musica que me animq sempre é o Last Fraiday Night da Katy Perry! Super animada e faz me lembrar os 80s!!

    deves conhecer mas fica aqui o video:

  3. Ando viciada em Five Finger Dead Punch (nenhuma música em específico, adoro TODAS). Não é uma banda muito feliz :p mas também tenho ouvido imenso a Savior dos Rise Against :p o ritmo é happy ;)

  4. Adoro adoro adoro os Paramore mas também já não os oiço muito. Olha eu gosto imenso do Jaymes Young, dá-lhe uma hipótese e ouve umas músicas dele :) x


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