Sunday, July 26, 2015

TAG: The Ice Cream Award

Hey y'all! Sooo, I was tagged by Warrior to do this cool Ice Cream Tag! This was created by Cristal Lips, another super cool blog! You guys should visit both!

Anyway, the questions are not in English but i will translate them since -- since my hole blog is in English! Has the name says, yeah it is about ice cream and i LOVE ice cream so I was very very excited when I saw that I was nominated for this tag xD Let's get started!

BTW, in this tag they mention some Ice Creams from a brand whose name changes from country to country -- its called  Olá or Miko or Kibon or Frigo or Well's or Good Humor -- Let me know in the comments how is it called in your country!

  • Add the TAG Stamp (cool picture on top)/ Colocar o selinho da TAG (a imagem acima);
  • Answer all the questions/ Responder a todas as perguntas;
  • Tag 5 to 15 other cool blogs to answer these questions/ Nomear 5 a 15 blogs para responder;


1. What is your favorite Ice Cream/Qual o teu gelado favorito?
That is a hard question -- cuz I love them all. My favorite brand is Ben and Jerry's and my ultimate favorite is the "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough"! 

2. What are their main ingredients?/Quais os seus principais ingredientes?
Well... I guess cream or milk, chocolate chips, cookie dough and vanilla! It is so so yummy! you should all try it!
3.Add here a photo of it/ Deixa aqui uma foto dele.

Oh god so yummy! Now I want one!!

4. Which is the Ice Cream you like the less and why? Qual o gelado que menos gostas e porquê?
I don't like strawberry Ice Cream - i know I am weird!

5. Magnum or Cornetto? /Magnum ou Cornetto?
Magnum -- definitely !

6. Magnum Pink or Magnum Black?/ Magnum Pink ou Magnum Black?
Black!!  I love coffee and all coffee tasting products! Yummy yummy yummy -- but actually I prefer Magnum Gold!
7. From the "basic" Cornetto line, which is your favorite? / Dos Cornetto Básico qual o teu favorito: Morango, Limão, Natas ou Chocolate?
Chocolate -- everybody loves Chocolate! -- And that little piece of chocolate at the end of the cone xD

8.  Which is your favorite Calipo flavor? Dos Calipo qual o teu favorito: Limão, Morango, Coca-Cola ou Laranja? 
Lemon! So refreshing and nice for the summer!!

9. Which is your favorite McDonald's Ice cream and why? Qual o gelado da Mc'Donalds que mais gostas e porquê?
Sunday with Caramel topping and peanuts! I really love this combination! The crunchy peanuts and the sweet yummy caramel is just perfect!

10. Add here a photo of it/ Deixa uma imagem dele.
Yummy Yummy Yummy!

My nominees/ Nomeados:

Okey, that's it!
Let me know in the comments what you think, what is your favorite Ice Cream! I have never done a tag before, should I do it more? or maybe I should create my own tag! What do you think?


  1. You have great taste in Ice creams! ahah have a nice weekend!

  2. Também tenho imensa pena, mas ha rumores de uma segunda temporada! Espero que sim, porque fiquei fula com aquele final. E chorei, sim :( obrigada, querida! Vou responder mal possa :)

    1. Enviei sem acabar o comentário! Adoro ben&Jerry também, mas partilhamos o mesmo gosto pelo do McDonalds :p

    2. ao que parece temos gostos muito parecidos, series, gelados.. eheh

  3. Gostei de ler as tuas respostas :)

    r: Muito, muito obrigada!
    Volta sempre que quiseres*

  4. Amo esses gelados Ben & Jerry´s :)


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