Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mini Drugstore Haul / Review

About a month ago, I was shopping for groceries and i noticed all make-upy things were on sale -- so of course I just had to buy something -- yep and this is what i bought! I was not very into drugstore make up until i started using RIMMEL products -- i am obsessed with their mascaras!

Now, after about one month of trying this stuff i can tell you what i think.

All the RIMMEL Stay Matte stuff is awesome! Really! I love the powder -- i always use a big powder brush and apply it all over my face -- it doesn't make me look caked up but i have kind of a light hand. But the primmer OMG i was really impressed! It feels like instant photoshop! I always have huge pores one my nose and between my eyebrows and this fills them so perfectly and makes my skin so perfect and smooth! I was kinda skeptical because it says that it if for any skin color -- but it says tone 003 -- so i was not sure if it would be ok. Turns out it it looks like moisturizer -- it's white and doesn't leave any color.
I have added it to my face routine -- i will make a post about that ! -- and i put it even without any foundation on top.

The ELLE makeup sponges are OK -- not bad, not great, just OK. I use them to put my foundation when i am in a hurry -- lately my Beauty Blender is feeling kinda weird, i totally need to buy a new one. But this sponges are not that great. First they were expensive, and I fell like they absorb too much product -- which i hate because i hate to waste ANYTHING! They are washable but mine are all already stained.

And the last product I bought that day was this beautiful lipstick! It's MissEurope and shade 149 which is a natural pink color with some shimmer. It is a cheap lipstick -- i have to admit; But i don't like to bring my expensive stuff with me, in purse, because i am always afraid i am going to loose it, or its going to break or something -- so my everyday lipstick is always something super inexpensive. 

This one is super subtil but it gives you a pinky yummy natural lips! I just love it!

I totally need to buy something new to put my foundation with --what do you suggest i should try?
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  1. Tenho o pó da Rimmel e gosto muito.


  2. I have the primer too. It works great! Instant photoshop like you said ahah


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