Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tips&Tricks | Keep you room clean!

When some one come to my tiny tiny apartment, they always say 3 things about it:
1) oh uau you weren't kidding, this is really small!
2) it smells so good in here!
3) oh you have everything so clean and tidy all the time!

This always makes me feel so proud that I have decided to share with you my top tips to always have a clean house/bedroom! I am always very busy and I have a cool system that works perfectly, it is super easy and super fast.

1 - After using something, put it away in its pace! Don't leave things hanging around on the floor or on top of your desk -- it makes everything look messy and untidy!

2 - Clean up once a week! It is better to clean just a bot every week then to do a big cleaning once a month! This is what I do: Every Saturday morning I change my sheets, clean the dust with some cheap Swiffer cloths or some scented wipes --not baby wipes, i mean wipes for furniture; I like the ones from Plegde -- they smell good, they do the job and they are cheap! -- and I vacuum the floor. I also clean my bathroom really fast by spraying some Cilit Bang everywhere and rinsing everything really well after a few minutes. I also use the wipes in the bathroom to clean small stuff. This helps me keep everything clean and "presentable" in case I have some unexpected guests!

3 - If something gets dirty clean it right away! It This helps you to keep your stuff always looking clean! This includes dishes!!

4- Don't leave dirty stuff hanging around! Clean your dishes and put your dirty cloths in the laundry bin. This will emit smells and makes the place look a mess! Also, don't leave trash in your room!

5- During the day, leave the windows open to renew the air! This will prevent bad smells as well.

6- Use an air-freshener and candles!  I love febreze! My fav is the fresh cotton smell --  i have candles and the spray bottle with this smell and I use it almost every day! It gives my place a nice and good fresh and smell that is just so comforting ! When i get home from work super tired and late is sooo good to get home to such a nice smell!

Ok so this are my tips! Do you think it is weird i am telling you all this?lol What are your tips or your cleaning up routine? Let me know in the comments what do you do cuz I am always looking to have a clean house with less effort possible!


  1. Nice tips!!! I always try to keep my room clean, but I just can't...

  2. Excelentes dicas!! Eu também procuro pratica-las sempre! É muito mais fácil ter sempre casa arrumada e limpa!

  3. Eu TENTO limpar o meu quarto uma vez por semana, mas acabo por ter de fazer uma limpeza geral de mês a mês :P


  4. It is super hard to keep my house clean. I swear my house gets dirty on its own :)

  5. Admito que sou um pouco desorganizada mas assim que paro um pouco penso logo "NÃO! Arruma já isto tudo" e pronto lá vou eu arrumar tudinho! x

  6. The airfreshner is just a cheat xD But yeah it is so nice to arrive super tired and to see a super nice clean well smelling bedroom waiting for you to trow your cloths anywere put your PJ and hop in bed :)

  7. Good tips!Afinal compreendi bem o post.



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