Monday, July 27, 2015

My Week #03 | Elf haul

Hi!! So, this week is more like week-end because I have been working so much that I barely have time to do anything during the week -- and worked a lot during the weekend as well -- but I always try to find time to do something that relaxes me or that helps me not to think about work all the time!

If you follow this blog or my facebook you probably already know some of this stuff!
I ordered a bunch of stuff from elf cosmetics! I am so excited to try all this new stuff! It should arrive sometime this week! 

I worked all day Saturday so when I got home at the end of the day I was feeling pretty crappy and tired! I made what for me is comfort food for Saturday's dinner - a nice spinach and mushrooms quiche!  I love it! It is my mom's recipe and it runs in our family from generations! It reminds me of home and I make it every time I am feeling a bit down!

On Saturday Night I went out with some of my friends to a super cool bar -- and we had a blast! It was so fun! We drank some beer and some cocktails and then we walked around the city at night -- just perfect!

 Yes and of curse Sunday morning was a hard morning -- I cant even call it morning since I woke up at 1pm! But I have to tell you I was exhausted! Went for a walk with a friend and we bought some yummy French macaroons form Ladurée! So colorful and summery and yummy!!

So this was my week -- and today is Monday again! Lets hope this week is a bit more fun and less work :)

Let me know if you did something interesting this week -- I know most of you are on holidays so I bet you are all doing super cool and interesting stuff!!


  1. What did you end up ordering?

    1. some brushes, come contouring stuff and some concealers! :)

  2. You work all week and have fun all weekend! Thats how the grown ups do it! :)

  3. Gostei :)

    R : Ao que tudo indica tenho a Doença de Crohn nos intestinos, mas ainda n estou medicada e tenho anemia.

  4. Quiche é das minhas coisas favoritas! x

  5. Belos pedacinhos da tua semana! Também adoro quiche!

  6. Os macarons já comia!!

    Isabel Sá

  7. Os macarons já comia!!

    Isabel Sá

  8. Gostei :)
    Novo post no blog

  9. Eu nunca comi macarons!
    r: Ahah mas uma coisa é tirares foto a algo de diferente, mas outra é uma sandes daquelas mais normais que a normalidade...xD


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