Monday, August 10, 2015

My week #4 | Summer days


My last week was super boring -- my life lately has been very boring -- i dont really know why --  I am such an interesting gal!

The most exciting thing for me this last few days its that i bought a new beautyblender! My old one was no longer pink -- it was all orange and disgusting and starting to fall apart! So i Trow it away and bought a brand new one. I dont think I need to make a review about it -- every blogger, youtuber has already done one and the whole world already knows how great this little pink -- money sucking -- sponges are!

I am still having coffee at home -- with all the money I used to spend on coffee every week I could buy hmm maybe 3 beutyblenders! I have to say, it is good but it is not the same -- but hey at least i feel like i am doing something right by saving me some pocket money!

My brand new addiction -- Badoit Sparkling water! Yumm! I take it everywhere with me! I is really becoming an addiciond -- Maybe i should call TLC to be in the next season of "My strange addiction"! LOL JK; that was a really bad show 

 Also I went for the first time to Chipotle! Omg it is so good! I had never been there before, but i had heard great things and it is so great! And their margaritas OMG so refreshing and tasty! Definitely coming back!

Have been to Chiptole? Do you love it? I know I have lots of people here that are not from the US and I am curious, are there a Chipotle where you live? 
What is your favorite combination? I tried the spicy chicken but I am definitely going to try the other meats next time! And also -- tacos! They looked so good!   Let me know if they are worth it!

I hope your week was better then mine :) Have a nice day


  1. Last time i ate tacos at chipotle they were soggy, but still good! The guy put too much sauce from the meat and the tacos were sitting in a poodle of yummy sauce! Try the bbq one!!

  2. Lovely photos) I want to try beauty blender!

  3. That coffee looks awful lol but the food looks super yummy nice blog

  4. I love to see how your week goes! Now i feel like having some Mexican food!! Please have a great one!

  5. I liked the post
    Thank you for visiting back always loved

  6. as margaritas têm muito bom aspecto ;)

    tenho mesmo que experimentar a beauty blender!

  7. I am living in Indonesia and there is no Chipotle here:( it looks so delicious anywayyy!
    visit my blog my dear?:) let me know if you follow me because I always followback xx

  8. I have to try the beauty blender, I don't know if sephora is selling it here in Portugal! I'd been in NYC but I forget to buy it!!


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