Monday, August 31, 2015

My week #06 | Chocolate Cappuccino

 Hello! This week has been so hard on me -- I worked every day, every single minute of the day! Kids, if you think work is better than school you are so so so wrong! I was even working on the train! But now I can be more relaxed! I finally finished my project -- like sunday at 4 am. My bosses are very nice and I just hate to disappoint them. When I have a big responsibility on me I just have the feeling that I need to push my self to be better and better! And this feeling keeps me going even through the toughest moments! :)

Well, his week, there are no picture of my coffee -- I had so much coffee but i dint take any picture lol
But there are some good stuff that I think you'll like!

I have tried a new cereal! Yummy! I love this brand this Chocolate Cappuccino flavor is just so good! It has bits of white and milk chocolate and some coffee flavored bits of chocolate! It is super good! Specially for mornings!

This week I was in the need of some extra-fuel, so I ate a ton of unhealty snacs -- I tried this one for the first time and it is super good! It's waffers covered in crunch -- supper yummy and light! I am addicted now!

I also wanted to show you my nails -- I was feeling a bit down so I spent some time (not to much) and did my nails like this! This is the same thing I did for my 4th of July nails -- one of the first posts on the blog! - but i used a blue base instead of the red! If you want to see what products I used you can click here !

I hope you had a great week! 
I will be spending the next days preparing new posts for the blog, including some more for the BTS series and some cool things :) What are your plans for this week?


  1. r: Para quem é de Guimarães (ou do norte, em geral), ir até Lisboa não é assim tão frequente, por isso acaba por ser sempre uma viagem marcante, principalmente para visitar um estádio que tanto desejavamos :b

  2. R: aquilo são só poucas vergonhas da parte dela .. epa é uma porca.. enfim

    Esses cereais devem ser uma maravilha *.*

  3. Gosto imenso deste tipo de posts!
    Obrigada pelo teu comentário :)

    Beijinhos, Beatriz ♥

  4. Fancy nails.
    I want some of that cereal (not seen here.)
    Good job on hanging in there with work.
    Glad you have nice bosses.
    Now get back to work ! ! !

  5. Very nice jewelry , have a nice week :-)

  6. Gostei das tuas unhas!! :) Também merecemos um snack menos saudável de vez em quando ;)

  7. Estava com saudades de te ter por aqui :) Esta semana também ando a preparar posts para o meu blog e tenho andado a fazer mais exercício. As unhas estão mesmmo lindas <3

  8. Ai esses cereais devem ser sdfghjgf ♥
    R: Mas eu queria continuar a escrever no meu teclado do portátil :( Beijinhos!

  9. Eu adoro o chocolate!! *-*

  10. your nails look super cute!


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