Monday, August 24, 2015

My Week #05 | Fall is comming

Week number 6 here on the blog and not that much has changed in my life.
This has been my breakefast latly -- some Cruestli Cereal and a cup of coffee. 
I don't have time for more (I should even be wasting time writing this post!!)

I have to finish my project -- the deadline for the report and first draft of the presentation is this next friday! I have been working like crazy to get it done, so wish me luck! I still have like one million thing that I need to do!

Also, I have found the first sign that summer is going and fall is arriving! I haven't even gone to the beach this year yet! I just want to glue all the little leaves back on the trees!

No pictures of all cool stuff I have done or ate this week -- This week was truly boring! But I found a super cool stuff that I will review later :) I found a vending machine that sells a mini-BirchBox! Yes, a machine like the one for chocolates and sweets! BirchBox is a subscription beauty box with high end make up products! This is not "a thing" yet in Portugal (thank god or I would have to buy them all!) but in the US this is really trendy right now!

I think i need to add a watermark to my pictures with the name of the blog. But I cant really decide what to use! Any suggestions?



  1. What's this I hear . . . not enough time for breakfast?
    Silly girl! We need to fuel the engine, don't forget . . .

  2. r : até me assustei com o preço dos lápis , credo :o eu já acho que 6 euros é um bocado puxado , então 25 é um roubo ;)

  3. r : até 10€ por um lápis eu ainda dou , e queria/preciso mesmo de um que me dure bastante tempo nos olhos ; o meu problema é que não tenho nenhuma Sephora por perto . vou ter que esperar :s

  4. Esse pequeno almoço tem bom aspecto!

  5. I need to take a breakfast like yours!
    Have a nice week,

  6. Não sabia que existiam essas máquinas de venda automáticas com maquilhagem. Quando será que essa maravilhosa invenção chega a Portugal?

  7. Hello I'm sorry you're going through a bad time, I hope that things will improve in the coming days. Good luck with your project and stay strong! a hug

  8. I love cereal with milk cafe is to give a lively on right? Sometimes the rush is really tense, but believe me that everything is going the right ... I wish you lots of luck, lots of it. Kisses heart <3


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