Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Some people are just dumb

So, this happend last night...
I was home and this girl that i know -- she is not my friend, we just hang out sometimes, she is my neighbor - came over to drink some wine and talk about life stuff. I haven't seen her for a few days so I asked what was going on. And the conversation was something like this:

Me: So what happend to you?
Her: Oh I was super sick during the weekend! I was throwing up and feeling really bad.
Me: It probably was something you ate.
Her: I only had an simple omelet before starting to get sick.
Me: Maybe the eggs were bad. Were they fresh?
Her: Yes, they were.
Me: Did you check?
Her: (starting to laugh) yeaaah i touched them
Me: ?????
Her: Yeah, I grab them from the fridge, they were cold! (laughing and looking at my like i am dumb)

The thing here is that she was serious -- she thought that fresh eggs means eggs from the fridge, and if they are cold ( when you take them out of the fridge -- which i guess all are) they are good to eat!

Natural selection at its finest!


  1. OMG are you serious? oh, and love that giff! i can almost hear him say that with is southern accent ahah

  2. Gorgeous post!
    Maybe we can follow to each other?
    Let me know! :)

  3. Gostei hehe Giveaway no blog :)

  4. great post!!thanks for your visit!!now i follow you on gfc,i hope you follow me too!!!!kiss

  5. you know something, this is a more commun thing than you think! Really! I have heard at least two more people that thought this and they didnt knew the trick to know if the eggs are good or bad!!

  6. Postagem maravilhosa amei
    venha participar do sorteio de 03 do blog.

  7. Há pessoas inteligentes sem dúvida alguma x)

  8. ahahahah you make my day!

    Eu ria-me também, mas interiormente gozava com ela :D

    Girls are Weird

  9. hahaha, My God, that sly woman. She made fun of something so serious right? Like, you asked for it in the biggest concern is making it happen jokes. There are people who do not deserve attention. Kisses heart ...


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