Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tips & Tricks | No more waste!

This is one of my favorite hacks ever!

I hate to waste stuff especilly products that I love! So I have I use everything to the last drop! 

If you think your product is over just because noting comes out of the tube you my friend are super duper wrong! 

Cut open the top of your moisturiser -- you will see the huge amount that you still have left -- and use a wood stick like the ones you get from starbucks to mix your coffee -- a CLEAN one of course-- to scrape all the product from the inside and voilá! No more waste!


  1. r : é para a linha de água que quero o lápis , mas está dificil de arranjar um que dure bastante tempo :s

  2. Também faço isso!

  3. yep this is a great tip! the other day I was about to trow away a tube of foundation, remeber? and then I remeberd that you used to do this, so i cut open the little tube and there was so much product in there! I could belive!

    1. oh!! i hope you put it in another container because foundation can dry and become unusable!!

  4. Isso é que é aproveitar bem as coisas!

  5. r : e sabes onde é que eu o posso comprar ? :)

  6. Vou tão começar a usar este life hack!!

  7. Adoro fazer isso quando o produto esta a chegar ao fim
    Muito obrigada pela visita volta sempre adorei

  8. Tenho de começar a fazer isso, adoro este tipo de live hacks.


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