Monday, October 19, 2015

Empties #3 | Shower Goodies

Hello y'all! So we are back with an empties post! I love shower/bath products and i am always trying new ones. And I use body washing stuff like craaaazy! --- Btw the picture is not perfect. I know. And it bothers me. 
A lot. 

NIVEA Cream Smooth Shower Cream. I go trough body washes pretty fast. Specially if they smell good. And this one smells like so good. It really smells like soap and clean. I liked it very much! And also, it's Nivea.. Nivea is always good for your skin! Will I repurchase it? YES (already did!)

VASENOL Milk and Lilies Body Wash.  This one also smells so so good! It has a more floral sent. It has a very milk like consistence. But it feels great. And it leaves a super nice smell on your skin -- not to strong and it definitely wears out after a while -- but super fresh e and girly!  Will I repurchase it? YES

PANTENE PROV Straight and Smooth Shampoo.  I think I have been striking out it all the "new" shampoos I have been trying. I din't like this one at all. It smelled a bit medicinal and weird. It didn't do anything special to my hair --  it didn't get more straight or smother. So yeah. Will I repurchase it? NOP

Let me know in the comments, if you like -- or not -- these products! And leave me any suggestions of products you think I might like! I really enjoy trying new stuff -- specially bath stuff! 


  1. Eu amo os produtos da Nivea, são super hidratantes!
    Já estou te seguindo, Beijokas da Carol e da Camila :*
    Vamos Papear 

  2. Nice post.
    I follow you now, just to let you know. :)

  3. For shower I like corine de farme products

  4. adorei o post e os produtinhos terminados! :D beijoca

  5. Também adoro esse gel de duche da Nivea!

  6. Daí só usei o Pantene mas não gosto muito, os produtos da pantene deixam o meu cabelo oleoso e nem sei porquê por isso cá em casa só a minha mãe é que usa pantene, eu fico-me pela herbal :p

  7. Great post! I'm your new GFC follower # 86 if you want to come on my blog ♡


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