Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Partnershirp | Oriflame by Ana Dinis

Autumn is here -- and cold wheather is comming-- so there is no better time to start pampering your skin with some exquisite and luxury products! So, moi-je, in partnership with Ana, we are going to present you the new and renewed Milk&Honey Gold line from Oriflame
This line received a face lift but the formulation is the same and you should try it because you are going to fall in love with it!

This line -- as the name says, obviously -- contains milk and honey, two ingredients that are really good to add moisture and to protect our skin. The milk is very rich in vitamins, minerals and nutritive proteins that make our skin super nice and smooth. Honey is reach in also very rich in natural sugar full with yummy vitamins, minerals and folic acid that revitalizes the skin and sets the moisture in. This awesome combination results in -- first of all -- super nice smell -- if you have been here for a while you know how much I care about the smell of stuff! It smells very natural and smooth. I have to admit -- I am a sucker for stuff like this! I love things with this type of smells, so I honestly think this line is awesome! And I have to admit, the packaging looks so luxurious! For real! I am in love with this line! 

Catalog 14 focuses on hand care, so the hand cream, liquid and bar soaps from this line are very highlighted!

1- Moisturizer Hand Cream Milk&Honey Gold /  Creme de hidratante de mãos 
This is a luxurious hand cream, very rich and nurturing! For me, hand cream is a must-have in any purse! And this one sounds just perfect! It moisturizes your hands for 24h and gives you super smooth hands for the whole day! Also, this has a great size to take just put the tube in your purse and just carry it around evry day! In the winter I need to have some hand cream because the cold just kills my hands!

2 - Liquid Hand Soap Milk&Honey Gold / Sabonete Líquido Suavizante Milk&Honey Gold
This liquid hand soap smells just like luxury should smell! It it enriched with honey and milk extracts -- all biological! It cleans your skin, without drying it out and leaving a nice smell and making them feel super nice and smooth! It is so nice to have a super good smelling product in your bathroom! And the packaging is so cute!

3- Soap Bar Milk&Honey Gold / Sabonete suavizante Milk&Honey Gold
Well this is a super nice bar of soap. It has a very intense but smooth smell that is very appealing to me! It is a super creamy soap, it contains glycerin and talc and all the good stuff from honey and milk that I've mention before! It cleans your skin very gently and leaves it very smooth and smelling great for hours! 

The price, well to be honest, they are a bit on the pricy side -- i think. But thankfully they are on sale -- YEY who doesn't love 50% off! Plus, you can also have 10% discount if you use the girlygirl10  promocode with the blog partner! :)


  1. Oriflame products are always so great! I love them, for real! But i am not in portugal, so I can't order them from your partner :( anyway it is really nice to come here and read about the new awesome products!!

  2. Tenho de admitir que também adoro coisinha para o banho! E comprava isto tudinho se não tivesse tao apertada de dinheiro! Os descontinhos são optimos mas mesmo assim tenho de poupar! :/

  3. Um descontinho de 10% dá sempre jeito eheh
    R: Não uso lentes, pelo menos por agora, porque não tenho problemas de vista muito avançados. O oftalmologista até disse que não precisava de andar sempre com os óculos, só mesmo quando necessitava de fazer mais esforço e por isso estou sempre a pôr e a tirá-los, o que contribui para os alargar mais... Com as lentes de contacto já não ia fazer isso, mas mesmo os profissionais acham que com a minha graduação não vale a pena usar lentes, pelo menos se não aumentar...

    As Confissões da Andreia

  4. They are a bit on the pricy side yeah, but sometimes it is better to spend a bit more! :)

  5. Nice products!!!
    Thank you so much!!! following now!!!
    Have a nice day!!!:)))
    Besos, Marcela♥

  6. Vi no facebook, 10% de desconto é bom! Como posso faço para comprar?

  7. Esses produtos parecem ótimos :)


  8. Conheço estes produtos e são realmente ótimos! :D

    sweetcamomile.blogspot.pt .


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