Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dentist Rant !

rant (rănt)To express at length a complaint or negative opinion

Today I went to the dentist. I went just because you should go to the dentist once every 6 months so they can clean your teeth and see if everything is ok. Yeah, but I hate it! 
I really hate it! The drills, the lady with latex gloves in my mouth, the suction thing, bahh I just hate it! 

It's not like it hurts, because it doesn't! It is just the vibration of the drills that really make me feel bad! And I always end up with an enormous head ache. I also hate the way me teeth feel after they clean it. When I rub my tong on the inside of my bottom teeth it looks like there is gigantic holes between each one of my teeth. I hate it so so much!

And also, my doctor, she is not very nice or friendly. I like her because she does what she has to do, and that's it. She is fast and efficient and doesn't talk to much! But sometimes I ask her something and I don't get any good answer, and that kinda annoys me! 
I have a spot where I always have a bit of tartar -- no mater how well I brush my teeth -- and I asked her what could I do to prevent it-- and because i hate the drills and would do anything to avoid them! The answers that I got was "Nothing -- that happens to everybody, just deal with it". And I asked if there was any special tooth past or mouthwash just to prevent it -- and she kept saying that there was no need for that. But after I googled a bit I found a million products and tricks to prevent it! Argh!

Oh and she found out that I have a "baby cavity" --  her words! So I have to go fix it asap before they grow --  so I guess am going back next week -- for more drilling -- this time to make a fucking hole!! ARRGH!


  1. Don't feel so bad . . .
    no one likes the dentist, not even their spouse.

  2. Da última vez que fui um dente que não me doía ficou-me a doer e a dentista ainda me chamou maricas e disse que era sensibilidade dentária. Eu sei que tenho de ir, mas agora tenho muito medo!

  3. O que quer dizer Baby cavity? Eu tenho sensibilidade quando bebo algo gelado ou sorvete É terrível. Semana fuia o dentista e terei que ir na segunda de novo, mas sempre que ela mexe nos meus dentes, fico com medo e choro de leve.
    Sou um pouco medroso com dentista. :)

  4. Ai...n gosto nada mas daqui a 15 dias tenho dentista...irc

  5. Ah ah olha eu gosto de ir ao dentista! Mesmo! Quase adormeço :))

  6. I hate go to the dentist too but we have to. My dentist is very nice but sometimes I think that she doesn't know how it hurts because they say: "It is not gonna hurt!" and guess what? When they say that it's because you will not leave the room till you feel a bit of pain. That is cruel


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