Sunday, October 4, 2015

Morning Face Routine | Get ready fast

I promised y'all in this post that I wanted to show you my fast easy morning face routine, and guess what? Today I am doing that -- finally!!

These are all the products I use in the morning, I know, I know --  It looks like a lot of stuff! But I guarantee you that it takes me only 10 to 15 min to do this simple steps and they really help me to get read of my morning zombie face.

1.Wash you face with cold water. Use some soap, any soap. Doesn't matter. And cold water. (And dry your face, of course)

2.Moisturize and Prime. I like this Moisturizer from Topicrem, is very light and milky. And for me the best primer is the Stay Matte Primer from Rimmel. This helps my skin to look even and I feel that my make up lasts longer. I use my hands to apply these two products.

3.Cover your dark circles and any red spots. For me this is the most crucial step. I use my Rimmel Match Perfection 2 in 1 Concealer to do this. I apply it with my fingers and use the BeautyBlender to buffer it out. I also apply this concealer on my T zone just to give me some highlighting.

4.Even out your skin tone. To do this you can use anything you like. I have been using the Garnier BB Cream because I just need some light coverage, since I covered all the bad spots with the concealer. I also use my BeautyBlender to even everything. BB creams and CC creams are also more forgiving for when you are in a hurry, you don't have to be so precise, so it is good for a fast routine.

4.5. If I have any spots that are really bothering and still visible after I apply my BB cream, my I use my Maybelline NY cover-sticks. The green one is very good to cover redness, and the other to cover greenish spots, like acne scars or dark eyes.

5.Set everything up. This step is really important. You need to set the concealer under your eyes so that it wont crease. I always end up putting the powder on my hole face, just because I like the velvety look that gives me. I have been using the Rimmel Stay Matte Translucid Powder and I apply it with a little Sephora Powder Puff.

6.Lashes. Black. Intense. For me eyes are the most important. But in the morning I don't have time to do anything very fancy. So my I use this trick that almost makes me look like I have fake lashes. Fist I apply a nice coat of my Lancôme L'extreme WP Mascara. Is just a nice lengthening mascara that just coats and separates my lashes. After that I apply the L'effet Faux Cils Volum' Express Mascara from Maybelline. However I apply it only to my top lashes and only to the part of the lashes that is very very close to my eyelid --  meaning I just touch the wand to the part of the lashes that are attached to my eye. (Hope you understand!) This makes me look like I am wearing fake lashes -- and I love this effect.

And.. I'm done! Really, this is super fast, super easy and super effortless. After this, usually I apply some lipstick but that i can do on my way to work!

Let me know in the comments how is you morning make up routine! I am always looking to improve mine and I love to read all your tips!


  1. r: É que nem me lembrei da etiqueta haha xD

  2. gostei muito do post e das dicas! a minha rotina é semelhante :D

  3. Tanta coisa! Eu não tinha paciência! xD

  4. uaaaau nice stuff and really nice picture!! you are improving xD

  5. Adorei o post! Quando vi a quantidade de coisas pensei "omg" mas depois de ler achei facil, simples e rapadio! Ah e os presentinhos já chegaram!! Obrigado!

  6. A minha máscara favorita também é a da Lancome!!

  7. Gostei de ver :) Eu também uso BB, mas da kiko e ainda da colecção de verão com protecção solar e não uso primer, coloco um produto que elimina os brilhos depois - o Wonderblur da Body Shop.

  8. A minha é tão parecida com a tua que até mete impressão!


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