Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bourjois Skin Edition Compact Powder | First Impression

Hey y'all!
I bought this new product and I am loving it so much that I have to show you! You all know that I love make up, but I just hate to have a full face of make up, so I bought a powder foundation!

This the Bourjois Skin Edition Compact Powder
I had never tried any powder foundation before, I have always preferred the liquid ones, but lately I don't feel like I need that much coverage so I decided to try this out. In the store they had 6 different shades, two light, two medium and two dark. Not dark like for back girls but dark like if you just spent two weeks in the Bahamas -- which tbh I think is kinda discriminating!! I actually chose one of the dark colors -- 55 Golden Honey --  is just like a light bronzer color. It matches very nicely my skin tone right now.

 First I have to say, the packaging is really nice. I love the fact you can turn the mirror and it becomes like a compact mirror. And this mirror is really good -- I can see every fucking little imperfection of my face in it. It also comes with a little sponge that you can use if you need a touch up.

Something I noticed is that it looks like that the quantity of product is kinda small -- don't you think? Let's see how much time does it take me to hit pan.

As for the product it self, so far so good. I used it twice and it is really great. It is very light and it feels like I am not wearing anything on my face. I use my BeautyBlender to apply it gives me a light to medium coverage, but what i really like is that it gives me a very smooth and almost velvety skin.
I have been using with my regular concealer, and so far so good. 

P.S: Sorry for the pictures, the packaging is very shinny and it is really hard to take nice picture, but i think they turnout alright!


  1. R: Nunca fui à Austrália, era uma das minhas viagens de sonho :D
    Estou a seguir

  2. A embalagem é bonita e bem pensada :)

  3. It seems a super awesome product!

  4. I have never heard of this product but I do like the sound of it... I don't like a lot of make up, especially since I am older now but this sounds like a good one for me to use... xox

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting, I hope you have a great weekend ahead xox

  5. Ótima resenha e o produto parece muito bom!
    Beijos e boa noite!!!

  6. Decidimos dar uma voltinha pelo teu blog e agradecer a tua visita ao nosso!! Ficamos super curiosas com esse produto e como estamos a precisar de produtos novos (para as makes dos looks) acho que vamos experimentar este.


  7. here is a brand i really like, it snot too expensive and the quality is pretty good!

  8. eu não uso pó compacto, mas esse tem uma embalagem muito bonita =)


  9. Shut up! Your pictures look great! And this product looks super nice! :)

  10. Obrigada pelo comentário ! O batom é da Sephora, longa duração, o nome do batom é Rouge :)


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