Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Am I a bad person for thinking like this?

I was on the train today, with a friend,  and we saw this girl that had way to much make up on.
Her face was all cakey and we could clearly see like a line in her chin where her foundation stopped. Me and my friend started to comment a bit about it. And the more we talked the more "problems" we noticed with her make up, specially because it was noticable that she was trying to hide a lot of acne scars and she didn't do a very good job. Tbh, we were kinda making fun of the other girl.

But later, when i was alone, I started to think about what we were saying... You know I always thought of make up as something you use to hide your small imperfections and to enhance your best features. I always use some make up on my face but I never have a full face of make up. But then again, I guess i can call myself lucky -- i have never had any skin issues, like acne or redness, and i am somewhat "pretty" and I guess I have enough confidance to be my in my own skin.

But the girl on the train, she was literally wearing a mask. I kinda feel sorry for her.
You know why? Because she isn't embracing who she is! She was hiding all of her scars but in the end I was making fun of her make up, and I would never noticed her scars if she wasn't looking like a clown - i am sorry to say this but it's true! I only noticed her because of the exessive and poorly executed make up that she had on.

I wish i could have told her this, but I guess I'll just tell you all : You don't have to hide, just be yourself and you'll blend in. If you are trying too much to be something you're not. people will notice and brand you as fake. At least I know I do that!

P.S.: I have a ton of comments to answer, I know! But works has been crazy -- again -- and I haven't had much time! And don't forget the GIVEAWAY! It is almost over!!


  1. Tens razão... As raparigas que conheço também se costumam maquilhar imenso para esconder as suas imperfeições faciais e concordo com tudo o que disseste.
    P.S.: No meu blog, nomeei-te para responderes a uma tag. O link é . Se tiveres tempo e quiseres gostava muito que respondesses.

  2. Olá!
    Penso muito nisso, tenho medo de me maquiar e parecer uma palhaça

  3. Eu também escondo as minhas cicatrizes e principalmente as minhas olheiras mas ela se calhar ainda não encontrou os produtos certos :/

  4. Great post! Like you I don't use a lot of make up, but I still sometimes feel like I'm wearing a mask.

    I also nominated you for Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. xx

    Sara Wallflower


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