Monday, September 14, 2015

What's in my bag | September 2015

Hello! How are you all?
I know I haven't posted anything for like a week but today I am posting something nice eheh.

I am always curious about other
people's strange habits and  the "whats in my bag" tags are super interesting that I decided to show you what is in my bag! Call me wird but I like to know what kind of strange stuff  people cary around every day!

Tbh, I don't have a bunch of crappy stuff in my bag and I hate carry a lot of weight so I am showing you the things that are essential to me! I didn't clean my bag or added anything.  It is exactly what I have in it today!

This is my bag -- a simple H&M brown bag, nothing fancy! No, I don't have a MK like everyone else on blogger. I prefer simple and easy-going stuff for everyday.

And as you can see I don't have that much stuff. But there are a couple of things that I have to have with me!
First thing is my mini wallet from MSK. I love it, it is super small and compact but everything that I need fits prfectly. Having a small wallet helps me keep it always clean and tidy. When I had a big one, it was always full of recipits and I hated that!!
Next, my notebook (and a pen that is literally stuck inside the notebook). This one is from IKEA and it was very cheap. I use it to take notes and write down groceries or to-do lists. I don't have a planner but I use a small notebook for that. 
The last thing is just some babywipes and my super girly mini makeup bag. I bought this at H&M maybe 10 years ago and it is still my favorite specially becausr it is completely washable!

[Usually I also have my Metro Card, my keys and my phone inside my bag but since I was at home the keys and metro card were near the door so I don't forget them every morning, and I was using my phobe to take the pictures ]

Inside my little makeup bag I have some essentials that I always have with me. 

Make up wise, is not that much! I gave my Rimmel Stay Matte powder and a little Sephora puff to apply it, a little tube of mascara from Model Co. and and eye pencil from Rimmel. I also have my favorite lipstick -- which i have talked about here -- and Labbello lipbuter. You always need lipbuter. I also have my contact lenses' case.

Another thing that I always have is some pills. In this picture I only have one kind -- imodium for when your belly is not feeling good lol-- but usualy I also have paracetamol ( remind me later that I need to put some in my bag please! )
Another thig that I always have is some bobby pins and elastics, because you never know when you will have a hair emergency!! Something that i usually have that I don't have now is hand sanitizer and some tampons cuz you never know!

So this is it! I hope you liked it and I challenge you all to do something like this and to post on your blog! :) 

And don't forget about the giveaway!


  1. I like your bag:) Great post:)

  2. Só coisas úteis!

  3. Adoro este tipo de posts!
    Achei a tua mala muito bonita. ^^

  4. A mala é muito gira e adoro o facto de seres super prática como eu e não teres daquelas malas atafulhadas de coisas.

  5. Ahahah que nice, tens uma coisinha fofinha para meter po no nariz, mesmo tipo senhora chique!

  6. Gostei deste post e do facto de levares na mala o que realmente faz falta. Não ocupa muito espaço.
    Já a minha mala muitas vezes parece passou lá um furacão ehehe


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