Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Partnershirp | Oriflame by Ana Dinis

The blog now has a partnership with an Oriflame girl! YEEY!

So today I am sharing with you some of the new Oriflame products that I thought you would like for the end of the summer! 

She is offering 10% discount on any purchase using the code girlygirl10 -- you just have to tell her that you saw her "add" in my blog. And FREE SHIPPING -- Portugal only -- for purchases higher than 35€! Isn't this super awesome?!

At the end of the summer, after wearing sandals every day, going to the beach and to the pool my feet always look dry and disgusting, so when I was flipping throuhg the catalog I thought that this products were just perfect for this time of the year!

Oriflame actually has a line of products that makes our feet all moisturized during the whole year! These are the Feet Up Advanced products! One of the best selling lines of products and with best results!

We all have different issues but Oriflame presents a solution for all of them! I think four aound just amaizing! 

1 - Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream / Creme para calcanhares gretados
The big problem i always have is cracked heels and this awesome cream moisturizes, repairs and sooths the cracked skin. It is Fast-acting and deeply penetrating, with moisturizing and softening Urea, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin B5 and effective Intensive Care Complex. You should use it twice daily, and within one week we'll have great visible results!

2 - Salvation foot cream / Creme para pés Salvation
This is the miracle worker of the line! Gives you Intensive moisturizing with the first application! This advanced formulation combines Shea Butter to help reduce the appearance of calluses with Salicylic Acid to support the cell renewal process. It has Peppermint Oil -- that smells super super good that is very soothing while Intensive Care Complex hydrates skin.

3 - 2-in-1 Deep Action Foot Scrub / Esfoliante para pés 2 em 1 ação profunda  
Advanced scrub with anti-bacterial Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil exfoliates rough skin while helping to protect against foot odour. Combining Intensive Care Complex with Shea Butter and Urea this rich exfoliant removes dead skin cells and hydrates tired feet.This one is defenetly my favorite! I love to scrubs and Shea Butter! Yumms!

4 - Rescue Treatment Foot Mask / Máscara intensiva para pés secos e cansados
You know those foot masks that make your old disgusting foot skin fall off after one week -- I think this is one of them! It has effective hydration for dry, tired and aching feet with Intensive Care Complex, Beeswax, and Shea Butter to nourish and soften. Restores and revitalizes. Leave on for at least 20 minutes. For bether results, leave on overnight.  

All this awesome products are featured in Catalog number 13 <- click there to see the catalog!

And I don't think they are that expensive, do you? 12,95€ for two of them with the 10% discount it is an awesome deal!! I think Oriflame has so many good things, all natural! If you haven't tried any Oriflame product, you should! 

Do you have any Oriflame products that you absolutly love?! Let me know in the comments!



  1. Os produtos Oriflame sao óptimos! Nunca experimentei nenhum para os pes mas ja experimentei outras coisas! Mas acho que alguns sao um pouco carotes....

  2. Anything that comes from sweeden has to be good ahaha

  3. Há produtos muito bons! Também sou revendedora.



  4. Nunca experimentei nenhum produto. Tenho de pensar nisso!

  5. With the discount, the two products is around 10euros. It's a steal

  6. Tenho dois batons da oriflame que ADORO, são os meus preferidos :)


  7. Por acaso não costumo usar produtos da oriflame...

  8. R: É as iniciais dos meus pais :)
    Nunca experimentei esses produtos!
    Novo post no blog

  9. Que bacana, nunca experimentei, mas fiquei curiosa.


  10. Parabéns pela parceria.

  11. Já conheço a Oriflame há bastante anos mas por acaso acho que raramente comprei coisas através da revista. Mas também não sou grande fã de cosméticos e cremes...

  12. Congratulations for the partnership. I found the products super awesome :)

  13. r: a frase é tão verdadeira, desculpa a demora a responder :s
    boa semana :)

  14. Obrigada pela parceria ! A Oriflame tem produtos muito bons mas a gama para pés é das minhas preferidas! :)
    Quem tiver interesse em fazer encomenda ficam os meus contactos:


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