Friday, September 25, 2015

Must Watch | True inspiration

Have you seen this video? She is awesome! And she does her make better than so many people that have full control of their bodies ----- including me! She is such an inspiration!

Explore your options, the obvious route may not always be for you


  1. É bom ver estes exemplos para relativizar muitas coisas...

    1. R: Adorei a peça! Super divertida e eles estão fantásticos nos papéis. Recomendo!

  2. I can't see to check the video. Anyway, I did follow you back dear. Keep in touch then. Much love! ♥

  3. Hi there! Nice post! :)
    By the way I just spotet your blog and I´m totally in love! Nice work!
    I just started blogging and I would really appreciate if you´d have a look and tell me what you think. Thanks! ♥
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    Best wishes, Meli ♥

  4. omg uau she is super strong! im habe to subscrive!

  5. r: Eu não conheço mais nenhuma do género :)

  6. Uma pessoa incrível, ainda mais bonita pela força e mensagem que transmite


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