Thursday, September 3, 2015


Do you know how expensive school books are? 
They cost at least 20€ each, and in middle school kids have like 8 or 9 different subjects...
This is a heavy financial burden for a lot a parents! Specially if you have more than on kid! 
I used to know this family that couldn't afford to go on holidays because they had to save money for their 3 kids school books! They spent all summer working extra-hours to be able to afford them.

This cool project called REUTILIZAR aims to collect and re-use school books. They have several "banks" around all Portugal that you can go and get your school books - FOR FREE! I know it is nice to have new book that no one else used before, but think about the awesome stuff you could buy with the money you'd save! And it is better for the environment! 
If you are fortunate enough to be able to buy new books every year, at least consider in donating your old books to this program. It would help a lot of families and a lot of kids! You can find all the book banks in their website!

Check out their facebook and share with your friends! It is the easiest way to help!


  1. This idea it's very good, I'm sure that will help a lot of families. School books are really expensive. And also super heavy, when you have to carry 8 books and notebooks with you every day. Plus, it's not good for the enviroment. How about e-books?

  2. Eu costumo emprestar os meus livros a uns amigos dos meus pais para que eles não necessitem de os comprar e depois os livros passam para a minha irmã por isso nunca os doei a uma instituição ou a um projeto desses. Tenho de começar a pensar nisso.

  3. Such a great idea!
    Families spend too much money only in books and there is everything else to buy (clothes, cases, pencils, rullers, you name it!).

  4. I think that is an awesome idea! I used to get all new books, but during my Secundary school years I asked if someone could borrow me theirs and it saved tons of money I will be able to use when I go to college!

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  5. That's a great idea <3

  6. É uma otima iniciativa! Já tenho os meus livros dos anos anteriores doados mas será uma boa aposta para o futuro.

    R: Ainda bem que gostaste :D É sempre bom encontrar pessoas com características comuns às nossas.

  7. Hoje em dia este tipo de iniciativas são muito importantes.

  8. Great post! Thanks for sharing dear<3


  9. Muito bom projeto! :)
    Novo post no blog


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