Saturday, September 26, 2015

My week #08 | I am working too much

This last week (or maybe I should say weeks?) was completely stressful! I have been having so much work! I think I am becoming an workaholic! Really! Sometimes I feel like I just need to push my self a bit more, to always do better! But I can't deal with the stress or pressure of having a deadline and maybe not being able to meet the deadline that I just work, work,work. Any advice on how to deal with this?

Anyway, this week I have been having croissants for breakfast! They go great with coffee. Some days I just put some jam or Nutella inside and they just taste so so great! Lately I haven't eaten any cereals because I have been feeling kinda weird when I drink/eat milk. Maybe I am developing some sort of lactose intolerance --  I need to check that, but now I have zero time for that!

Also, when I am stressed I eat chocolate. I try to always eat dark chocolate because it has less sugar then regular chocolate. I fond this super nices tasty truffles and I have been complelty addiceted for like the last three weeks. They are a bit expensive, but totally wort it! Yumms

I also made the famous Marta Stuart One Pot Pasta. I saw it on a YouTube Video and I decided to try it. It is really simple and easy and It only uses one pan. It is quite good but it it is very simple in flavor, it is not going to make you jump up and down, but it is good and fresh. It doesn't really have any strong taste. It is just pasta, tomatoes, onion, and garlic, all in a pan -- i used a frying pan like in the video --  and added salt, pepper and some herbs. 

This week I have also I announced the winner of the last giveaway! And I have everything nice and packed and ready to put in the mail! I also added a cute note :D 
 I think I'll have time to send it tomorrow!! One think that i noticed -- again-- is that some people do not follow the rulls of the gieaway! It is just so stupid! All the giveaways that I have done so far I bought all the products with my own money and I want someone to get it. I kinda feel that by not respecting the rule you are not respecting my effort. But that's fine, cuz if you don't do it right you won't be able to win! 

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy this awesome weather we've been having!! Good luck to ya'll that are going back to school!! :)


  1. My kind of breakfast.
    Enjoy your time off (stress is bad.)

  2. A primeira foto tem mesmo bom aspeto!

  3. Espero que nesta semana tenhas mais tempo para descansar porque ultimamente tens trabalhado mesmo muito... Mereces :)
    Achas que vendem dessas trufas de chocolate preto em portugal? É que elas têm mesmo bom aspeto.

  4. Belos pedacinhos com comidinha boa!

  5. Nossa também ando trabalhando muito, precisando de férias hahah.
    E essas trufas, fiquei com vontade.


  6. Yo girl you need to take some time for yourself or you are going to be super tired!! You had such a nice week anyway! xoxo

  7. Lá está um dos motivos de ser gorda, lido com os prazos e o stress com chocolate e café... e salame! Experimenta Body Balance, yoga ou pilates... a mim acalma-me!


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